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Your adventure, our support

Cusp is a support community comprised of coaches, mentors, therapists & counsellors.

We are is here for you while you’re out there solving and winning day-to-day life challenges!

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What We Offer

mind temple

Transformation through therapy, counselling and coaching.


Webinars, Interviews and Workshops

Mind Temple

Transformation through therapy, counselling and coaching.

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Let us help you get in touch with the right persons who’ll walk and work the way with you! ❤️

*** Please note that your information is safe with us and shall never be shared. As a community, trust is our deepest value.


Learn about Mental Health, Mindfulness and Holistic Well-Being.





What People Are Saying

"Working with CUSP was a refreshing experience. They welcomed me in a truly warm way, immediately making me feel one of them. I hope to collaborate with CUSP in the future again and wish them all the best for their future endeavours."


Movement Artist, cieLaroque

"I had the pleasure of being invited by CUSP for a webinar and workshops. Excellent and efficient team management. They are really contributing towards mental health awareness which is commendable. All the best to the lovely team."


Professor of Psychiatry & Senior Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, CNMC

"CUSP has a young and vibrant energy where people are willing to explore, learn and jump into sessions full of curiosity! I appreciate the team’s honesty and deep investment in the work they do."


Choreographer & Movement/Yoga Practioner, Self

Help us keep up the good work.


Our principal aim has always been to reach out to more people and give them the support they need.

In our journey, we’ve always been vocal on the importance of mental health and taken the appropriate actions aligned to our community’s philosophy; especially now, due to the pandemic.

If you appreciate the work Cusp is doing, please consider supporting our community financially. Your goodwill and not the amount, is of primary importance. Even a single rupee is a blessing for us.

Your patronage, in turn, will help us reach out to more people and find them the support they need.

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